Dukascoin Dukascash
Public Testing Disclaimer

Till the moment when the Bank announces the contrary, the development stage of the Dukascash project is considered as public testing. For this period the minimum size per transaction is established at 1000 or more tokens. This measure is intended to exclude retail clients from the public testing stage. During public testing the Dukascash White Paper represents a conceptual project. The details of implementation may be changed. The Bank will make every effort to implement the project as close as possible to the procedure outlined in the Dukascash White Paper. Nevertheless, depending on the market situation and plans of the Bank itself, the Dukascash White Paper may be amended and supplemented at the discretion of the Bank. During the public testing stage the Dukascash White Paper does not create any obligation for the Bank to launch and maintain the products and/or services listed there. The public testing stage starts on the 3rd of July, 2019.
Independently on the results of public testing, possible future amendments to the White Paper and continuation or discontinuation of the project, the Bank takes an obligation to buy back all Dukascash tokens purchased by clients during the public test phase.