Dukascoin Dukascash

The Bank takes the obligation to use its best effort to buy back from clients all released Dukascash tokens in exchange for Dukascoins. To secure the buyback of the Dukascash tokens denominated in all base currencies released in circulation the Bank creates the Reserve of Dukascoins. The issued unreleased Dukascoins will be used for this purpose.

The Reserve is kept in the publicly announced blockchain wallet and thus is segregated and visible in the blockchain for public control. The main purpose of separating the Reserve on the announced blockchain wallet is to ensure the transparency of the Reserve in the blockchain.

The Reserve contains the number of Dukascoins enough to buy back all the Dukascash tokens in circulation: number of Dukascoins in reserve = (number of Dukascash tokens in circulation) x (price of 1 Dukascash token in Dukascoins). The Bank will perform a regular revaluation of the Reserve in order to reflect changes of the price of Dukascoins.

The initial size of the Reserve is set at the level of one billion Dukascoins.

The Reserve blockchain address is